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Chart Point
Chart Pattern
Elliott Waves
Here is a limited version of our chart application.
The market data is provided by barchart.com and is for show case purpose only.

Please contact us if you would like a free trial of a full functional chart.

    In our full fucntional chart, we can demonstrate the following features that have competitive advantages over many other providers' product.
  1. No plug-in is required. It's based on html5 technology which is faster and more stable than Flash or Java Applet technology.
  2. the capability of streaming price update.
  3. Auto attachment to the day high / low of the period when drawing lines.
  4. Innovative VaR and Beta analysis.
  5. Capable to compare two assets and derive the historical relative price values.
  6. Capable to display information of all studies and lines drawn.
  7. Capable to display price(s), percentage change from the pervious period as well as from the first period of the displayed data.
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