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Chart Point
Chart Pattern
Elliott Waves
Chart tool
We have developed an advanced financial chart application that enables you to generate and analyze the chart pattern of financial instruments. Some of the features of our chart are unique and you don't find them in other chart applications. It's a very flexible tool that you can use your own market data and / or data from our recommended providers.
The financial chart is ideal for stock exchanges, brokers or banks who are still using static image rather than interactive chart on their site. It's also ideal for individual who wants to have a single customized chart application to analyze instruments that they need.

    With our applications, you can
  1. generate colorful charts in less than a fraction of a second,
  2. embed the interactive chart, or the image, in your website with only a few lines,
  3. adapt to different data source and format,
  4. use market data provider of your choice or our recommendation. We offer the chart application only.
  5. enjoy the technical analysis tools from our advanced financial chart.
  6. request customization to your needs, including work to adapt to your market data provider. And more...
Please visit the Chart Demo page for a free trial of a limited version of our advanced financial chart.

If you'd like to have a free trial of the chart with full features and to know more about the pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

MyWealth - a record keeping, accounting and portfolio risk management system
This tool is ideal for Asset Manager / Investor, Performance Analyst and Tax agency (or individual with global investment income and tax reporting obligation to multiple tax jurisdiction).

    The features of this system support
  1. record keeping of trades and multi currencies cash costing based on Average, FIFO and Identified Lot,
  2. multiple base currencies and multiple data sources of foreign exchange rates,
  3. multiple asset classes such as Equity, Fixed Income, FX, Funds, Derivative, etc.,
  4. market prices and dividend automation,
  5. trades file upload or trades process automation,
  6. unitized fund setup and subscription / redemption process,
  7. integration with Oanda online broker in market prices, account activites, trades ordering and execution,
  8. detail level and summary level of reporting,
  9. Portfolio Risk Management, and more

This system will help you and/or your client to manage portfolio risk and understand tax implication of a complex investment portfolio.